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Test of English as a Foreign Language-based Testing

1) What is TOEFL Ibt´s Aim?

To measure the level of English of people whose mother tongue is not english.

2) What`s it for? 

The TOEFL Ibt exam is a requirement for entry to Universities where English is taught. Government agencies, scholarship programs, and agencies that certify licenses also require the Toefl score to assess the English level of the participants.

3) What does TOEFL Ibt  consist of?

The test lasts four hours and thirty minutes and measures the four language skills.

a) Listening Comprehension (60-90 minutes)
b) Reading Comprehension (60-100 minutes)
c) Writing (50 minutes)
d) Oral production ( 20 minutes)

4)Who accepts TOEFL Ibt qualifications?

 More than 9.000 universities, organisms and other Institutions in More than 130 countries.

•Immigration Departments use them to issue Residential and Work visas.
•Medical and Licensing agencies use them for professional certification progress.
•People use these qualifications to measure their progress in Learning English.

5) Where and when can I take the TOEFL Ibt test?

 The test can be taken at Prometric center; situated in ICANA¨s main office: Maipú 672 Buenos Aires. To check available dates (subject to possible modifications from ETS) enter the Web page:

and press in “Register for the test” and then choose “Argentina” from the countries list.