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Recepcionist and Secretarial studies

The secretaries are responsable for providing administrative support for all types of organizations.

  • What is a secretary?  

The main function of the secretaries is to ensure that offices function efficiently. This function will serve as a channel of communication between office staff and customers of the company. Secretaries often specialize mainly in medical and legal industries, as well as any special training. Others work in corporate environments, educational institutions or associations and governments. Some secretaries learn their skills at work under the instruction of experienced workers.

  • Secretarial studies

Secretaries perform administrative office and even management tasks. Usually they attend phone calls, receive direct visitors, attend correspondence, memos, agendas and minutes of board. In this race, depending on their degree obtained, they plan meetings and schedule appointments, organize documentary and electronic file, as well as the management of special projects. They also communicate with customers by telephone, mail, internet and mails. In their daily work, they use the telephone exchanges, word processors, accounting programs, copiers, scanners and video conferencing.