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Survival Espanish

Being bilingual can help you a lot when you are applying for a job

The range of possibilities is quite large; Job opportunities in Retail industry;  Estate Agencies as well as English Teaching in which your knowledge of the Spanish language is an important asset. Besides, jobs in Tourism where being bilingual is fundamental and can make a difference.

Perhaps you´ve studied Spanish in the University but you don´t know how to apply it in Buenos Aires due to its language quirks and Argentinian Slang.

Knowing idiomatic and colloquial expressions will help so that your comment doesn´t sound weird or out of place. Our workshops are focused on the practice of the language through roleplays and simulations.

Upgrade your skills in job interviews and gain fluency in conversation. Join our group and discover your potential and the benefits of learning Another language and the Country´s culture.

Hope to see you soon!